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In this deeply personal and transformative episode of “Your Soul’s Transformation,” join me, Dimple Bindra, on a journey into the depths of self-discovery and healing. My own path from darkness to light serves as a beacon of hope for anyone feeling lost, battling inner demons, or struggling with the scars of past trauma. Born from a history of physical and emotional abuse, my early life was marked by harrowing experiences that led me to the brink of despair. At a young age, I faced unimaginable challenges, including being drugged, raped, and filmed, which left me battling intense self-loathing and a crippling sense of insecurity.

The turning point came from a moment of utter despair, where an attempt to end my suffering instead cracked open the door to a profound personal awakening. Lying in a hospital bed, diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and facing the physical and emotional weight of my past, I envisioned a future self—leaner, stronger, and imbued with a sense of peace. This vision, though unclear at the time, was the first step toward a transformative journey that would lead me to the healing powers of yoga and meditation.

Embracing my inner strength, I embarked on a quest for healing that took me to the spiritual landscapes of India, where I dedicated myself to the practices that would ultimately reshape my life. Through the discipline of daily yoga and the introspective peace of meditation, I began to release the trauma that had long held me captive, finding within myself the power to heal and to help others do the same.

This podcast, “Your Soul’s Transformation,” is more than just my story. It’s a platform dedicated to those seeking to overcome their own struggles, to heal from their wounds, and to find a path to their true destiny. With each episode, I aim to reach out to souls yearning for change, offering insights, support, and community. Whether through expert interviews, interactive sessions, or sharing the wisdom of my own journey, my goal is to help thousands reclaim their purpose and passion for life.

Join me as we explore the depths of emotional healing and spiritual growth, embracing the mantra “metamorphosis, not medication.” Together, we will discover the transformative power of acknowledging our pain, facing our fears, and stepping boldly into the light of our true potential. If you’re ready to embark on this journey of transformation, subscribe to the show and be part of a movement towards healing and self-discovery. Remember, you are not alone, and through this podcast, we will find our way to a life filled with love, purpose, and joy.

Dimple Bindra


What we discuss:

1. Overcoming Personal Traumas and Embracing Healing.

2. The Transformative Power of Yoga and Meditation.

3. Navigating the Journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Growth.

4. Healing from Physical and Emotional Abuse.

5. Empowering Others to Reclaim Their Soul’s Purpose.



00:00 – Introduction: The journey from darkness to light.
00:26 – Welcome by Dimple Bindra, sharing my personal story of transformation.
00:48 – The early challenges and turning point of my life.
01:08 – The critical moment of despair and the vision of healing.
01:45 – My path to recovery through yoga and meditation in India.
02:28 – The mission of “Your Soul’s Transformation” podcast.
03:16 – An invitation to listeners to join in the healing journey.
04:11 – Closing thoughts and an invitation to subscribe and participate.



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If you’ve ever felt like an imposter, struggled with insecurities, or battled your inner critic, then this podcast is for you. Embrace humility and gain access to your real self by unlocking the power within you. So here’s your host, Dimple Bindra.


Welcome to Your Soul’s Transformation. I am your host, Dimple Bindra. For you to know me just a bit more, I have been on an amazing path with my own soul’s transformation. It wasn’t always as wonderful as it seems today. And I was a child of physical and emotional abuse.


I started working at the age of 10 by being exposed to men. I was drugged, raped and then filmed. I was insecure and hated myself and was struggling to survive. After years of abuse, I had enough.


So I tried to kill myself by overdosing on pills and was admitted to the hospital.


Doctors diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Symptoms included menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, severe cystic acne and obesity. And I had now ballooned to more than 200 pounds. And when I couldn’t see a way to even move forward, was lying in the hospital bed in a woozy state. And I saw a foreshadowing of myself in a leaner, more flexible body.


I just couldn’t make any sense of what I saw, but eventually I would. And years later, my inner calling led me to my first ever yoga class. That’s when my transformation began, and deep down I knew I had whatever it takes for me to heal myself. So I began a daily practice of yoga and meditation and went to India and stayed there for months just so that I could release my inner demons and heal my trauma. And now I discovered a way that I could help other women uncover and heal past wounds and trauma that has been holding them back.


from living out their destiny. So this show is not about me, it’s actually about you.


And since that time I have been privileged to help thousands of men and women reclaim their soul’s purpose and live a life that they love.


So in this podcast I decided after doing all kinds of workshops and working with people individually, I knew I couldn’t help enough people fast enough. And I knew I had to get this message out across the planet. That’s when I decided I had to do the show. And it’s not about the success of the show, it’s about touching every single soul that is aching, maybe even bleeding for transformation.


Do I know everything about this topic? No.


But everything I know, I’m gonna bring it on with all my heart, my intention, and purpose with a soul that’s here to help people heal. And if you know someone like that, or if you think that’s you, then I want to invite you to join me every single episode and we’ll have opportunities for you to jump out in the sandbox and we’ll even work together, interact and share about our process and your path and what you have been through. And together, we are going to help heal a lot of people.


Until next time, stay tuned and remember this mantra, metamorphosis, not medication. Namaste.


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