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You may be going through hardships and adversity right now… Or life may have thrown you curveballs in the past. Either way, I’m here to help you steer the challenges of healing your body and mind… Reclaim ownership over your health and wellness… And transform your life towards more joy, love, peace and purpose.


A yogi reincarnate, nationally certified Yoga & Meditation Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Co Founder & CEO of InstaVital
The Medical Intuitive

My life’s work is to help you harness your personal energetic systems… So you can heal your past… Conquer any adversity with grace… Elevate your health and look and feel better than ever before… And uncover the key to a lifetime of wellness that’s already inside YOU.

But life wasn’t always this way… I was only 10 years old when I started working… And I was abused in many different ways that made me suicidal. I nearly didn’t make it. After my rough start, I had a “vision” of my healed future self in the hospital bed… And right then and there… I decided to pursue ultimate self-healing to free myself from all my childhood trauma. Now, I dream of helping others in the world heal!

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I totally get it. There are tons of coaches and programs out there that promise this and that… And it can get overwhelming, not to mention downright confusing. Right…? BUT I found out through years of experience and client outcomes why my program is unique…