As a survivor of childhood abuse, severe depression and multiple severe health issues plagued her for most of her life. She felt hopeless and helpless. Then one day, she stumbled into a yoga class, a happenstance that saved her life.

Her name is Dimple Bindra, and today she is a Fitness & Spiritual Coach & Founder of YogaCanHeal. For the last 12 years, She’s worked alongside multiple physicians in SF Bay Area, CA applying her training as a Yoga and Meditation Coach and Medical Intuitive to help people heal physically and emotionally.

She has helped clients recover from migraine, hypo/hyperthyroidism, vertigo, childhood trauma, and addiction & many other diseases.
She was also rated as “Best Yoga Instructor” in the City of Milpitas for five consecutive years 2012-2017 while raising awareness and spreading the word of yoga in tech companies such as Google, Cisco, LinkedIn, Yahoo, San Disk, FireEye, Qualcomm, Facebook and many more. When she interviewed global celebrity Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Comcast TV, she realized there are so many people that suffer from being stuck in the past due to trauma so currently she focuses on teaching PROFESSIONALS To Get UNSTUCK & Release The Past globally through her virtual program Your Soul’s Transformation on
She believes in Metamorphosis, not medicationReal healing is from within.


Dimple Bindra is a Yoga and Meditation Coach and a Medical Intuitive. She helps professional women release their past trauma and get unstuck. 

She was a child of physical and emotional abuse. She started working at the age of 10 by being sexually exposed to men. She was drugged, raped and then filmed. Dimple says ”I was insecure, hated myself and was struggling to survive. After years of abuse, I’d had enough. I tried to kill myself by overdosing on pills and was admitted to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed me with polycystic ovary syndrome. Symptoms included menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, severe cystic acne, and obesity. I had now ballooned to more than 200 lbs. But while lying in the hospital bed in a woozy state, I saw a foreshadowing of myself in a leaner, more flexible body. I couldn’t make sense of what I saw. But eventually, I would. Years later, my inner calling led me to my first yoga class. The teacher asked if I had ever done yoga before. After explaining that it was my first class ever, he told me something I will never forget. He said, “You were a Yogi in your past life.”

Those words stayed with me and are the reason for my success today. I healed my PCOS, my anxiety, lost 69lbs of weight and healed my cystic acne by keeping a continued yoga practice. I also combined that with hours of meditation. Today, I have had a successful career working for more than a dozen successful tech companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Cisco. But I couldn’t have done it without the magic of practicing meditation, releasing the hatred I had for people who wronged me and learning how to trust the power of my intuition. While many doctors prescribe the standard “pill for every ill”, I have worked alongside doctors in a clinical setting for nearly a decade, helping patients heal by using the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation. I have coached hundreds of people individually and thousands of women in group sessions. I have helped my clients transform their lives by teaching them my 5 STEP method called Your Soul’s Transformation.

My mission is to help professional women harness their personal energetic systems and uncover the key to a lifetime of wellness that’s already inside them. This will help them to  heal their past, conquer any adversity with grace, elevate their health and look and feel better than ever before!”

Dimple is available for interviews (podcasts, print media and video), speaking engagements, and workshops. Her favorite topics include spirituality, power of your intuition, the power of law of attraction, spiritual awakening, healing trauma, yogic science, mindfulness, meditation, and wellness. To book Dimple, please email - or submit an inquiry on our contact page.



Dimple works with clients through her premium coaching program Your Soul’s Transformation designed for people who are going through pain from past trauma and get unstuck to step into success, significance & purpose.


Dimple offers workshops and speaking events in meditation, mindfulness, spiritual growth, personal development, mindset and yogic science, energy medicine and topics for corporate wellness. She is also passionate about speaking on childhood trauma and how to heal from challenging life circumstances.


Our content reaches all over the world, especially through Dimple’s growing social media channels.  Our audience includes mostly men 25 to 55 (within INDIA) and women between the ages of 25 and 54 (mostly within the US) and they are drawn to our weekly content because of its structured, no-nonsense, actionable advice. Our viewers appreciate Dimple’s vast experience and her ability to break complex spiritual or personal development topics into digestible steps.


Our audience is primarily made up of highly engaged women who have an interest in strengthening their spirituality, learning how to become more aligned with their purpose and getting the tools to heal old wounds. They join our community each month and often tell us how our work resonates with them.

Dimple is on a mission to help others heal from significant trauma, open

their hearts, and live fulfilling lives– even if they cannot afford her services. She has designed her organization under a pay-it-forward system: those who can afford her services and products help pay for those who cannot.

A percentage of each purchase goes toward free coaching sessions, scholarships, workshops, and the building of a healed community. Our pay-it-forward system also allows our team to continue producing outstanding, actionable, and practical video content for thousands of people around the world.



To book Dimple, please email us at or send us an inquiry on our contact page and we’ll get back to you soon.


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